Characteristic of metastasis and the primary malignancy

Metastases that are typically purely lytic:
- Kidney
- Thyroid
Metastases that are usually mixed lytic and sclerotic:
- Lung
- Breast
Metastases that are usually purely blastic:
- Prostate
- Medulloblastoma
- Bronchial carcinoid

No matter what the primary, skull metastases are usually lytic in appearance.

Imaging findings suggestive of a particular primary tumor
- Lesions distal to elbows and knees 50% are from lung and breast
- Expansile and lytic (soap-bubbly):  Renal cell
- Diffuse skeletal sclerosis or multiple round, well-circumscribed sclerotic lesions : Prostate, Breast

So, what's the origin of ca in the below image?


Multiple osteoblastic metastases to the pelvis and lumbar vertebral bodies

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