[Video] Neurology physical examination


Cranial nerve examination

Upper limb examination

Wasting and fasciculation
Posture of arms: drift, rebound, tremor
Tone: spasticity or extrapyramidal rigidity
Power: 0-5 scale
Tendon reflexes: + or ++ normal; +++ increased: 0 absent with reinforcement

Lower limb examination

Wasting and fasciculation
Tone, power and tendon reflexes
Plantar responses
Coordination and fine movements
Sensory system:
First, ask whether feeling in the limbs, face and trunk is entirely normal
Posterior columns:
Vibration (using a 128 Hz tuning fork)
Joint position
Light touch
Spinothalamic tracts:
Pain: use a split orange-stick or a sterile pin
Temperature: hot or cold tubes
If sensation is abnormal, chart areas involved

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