USMLE Kaplan Qbank step 2 questions

Kaplan announces the launch of its latest Web-based exam preparation service, the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) Step 2 Question Bank, or "QBank" for short.

More than 46,000 U.S. medical students and foreign doctors take the USMLE Step 1, 2 and 3 exams annually. Step 2 QBank is a unique, interactive online program in which students customize their own USMLE exam preparation by medical specialty and sub-specialty. Available at, Step 2 QBank follows on the heels of Kaplan's popular Step 1 QBank, launched in 2000, which has see more than 400 percent growth this year over last.

"Demand for Step 1 QBank has continued to surpass every projection that we have set, requiring us to make multiple adjustments to our hardware infrastructure," said Leigh-Ellen Louie, President of Kaplan Medical. "The word-of-mouth on campuses has caused huge spikes in demand, and several medical schools have purchased the product for their entire second year class. It is a true complement to student's coursework and the final step in preparing for this exam."

Kaplan's new Step 2 QBank meets demand from future doctors who passed Step 1 and are looking toward the Step 2 exam. Kaplan soft launched Step 2 QBank in mid-June to test the market. More than 500 students enrolled in the first two weeks.

Step 2 QBank allows students to customize their own preparation by choosing from a database of more than one thousand exam-style questions. Students can take tests covering all the USMLE topics, or they can choose a more specific combination of specialties and subspecialties. Students adapt their study in response to the continuously updated onscreen performance feedback, graphically displayed by specialty and subspecialty, and receive Kaplan's answers and explanations after completing an exam session. Kaplan USMLE experts are also available for email help.

"Step 2 QBank is a unique product that takes advantage of Kaplan's unsurpassed test prep expertise and leadership in education technology," said Rochelle Rothstein, MD, Senior Vice President of Kaplan Medical, whose team developed Step 2 QBank. "This product helps everyone from medical students to international doctors customize their exam preparation in a way not previously possible. It also allows physicians from around the world to access Kaplan resources, no matter their distance from a Kaplan center."

Step 2 QBank is the latest addition to Kaplan's comprehensive USMLE prep options which includes lecture-based and self study courses. A division of Kaplan Test Preparation, Kaplan Medical is the largest provider of preparation services for the USMLE and the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) in the world, and provides board review and Continuing Medical Education for practicing physicians, and test preparation for pre-medical, Dental and Nursing students. Kaplan, Inc. ( is a premier provider of educational and career services to individuals, schools and businesses. Kaplan is a subsidiary of The Washington Post Company (NYSE: WPO).

USMLE Kaplan Qbank step 2 questions

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