[iPhone apps] iSilo v5.08-medical ebook reader (pdb file)

Document reader for viewing document files in iSilo, Palm Doc, and plain text format.


Document list provides recently viewed list of documents, ability to categorize documents into single or multiple categories, marking of favorite folders for easy access, and file explorer access to entire document directory with document file management operations, such as copying/moving/deleting/renaming document files and creating/deleting/renaming folders.

Document viewing options provide for font size and typeface selection, along with customizable color themes with selectable background and text colors. Autoscroll with selectable speed, view documents in full screen, complete support for both portrait and landscape orientations and rotation. Jump history for easily navigating back and forth when following hyperlinks and jumping to different locations in the document. Documents open to last viewed location. Bookmarks. Document text search.

Easily transfer documents either by connecting to iSilo's built-in file server from your desktop/notebook computer over a Wi-Fi connection and copying documents in either direction, both from and to the device, or by directly downloading documents from a Web server to your device.

New in this version:
• Fixed the following:
- If a run of text has a background color, the background color does not draw.
- When using a Mac OS X computer to transfer files using the application's built-in file server, the application may exit in the middle of the transfer and return to the home screen.

[iPhone apps] iSilo v5.08-medical ebook reader (pdb file)

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